Hi, I'm
Hailey Stokes

I'm thrilled you're here.

I am Hailey Stokes, wife, and mother of two beautiful little girls. I get that life is crazy and appreciate anything that makes our daily routines easier. And that is why I want to help you.

I started my career in 2013, working for a lash salon until I decided 3 years later that it was time for me to grow and start my own business. And I did just that!

I started in Pleasant Hill, CA with little to no clientele in a tiny little room. I loved it and thrived! When the pandemic hit in 2020, I had just given birth to our first daughter and went back to work for only 8 days before we got shut down. That was rough! We got through it but I had to move salons, which allowed me to work closer to home.

2 years and another daughter later, we decided to pack up, leave everything and everyone, and start anew in Boise, ID. And we are so happy we did!

Once settled, I found this adorable suite and opened my business up again - only I had to change my business name. So I did, with a twist on the gem state, I made it a bit more personal. JEM stands for my own & my two daughters' middle names. June, Elizabeth, Marie.

So here I am! Ready to help you simplify your daily routine and feel amazing. I hope to see you soon.

- Hailey

Let's talk

You can easily reach me via text, Facebook, or Instagram. I love building a relationship with my clients and am always here to assist with any questions you may have.

Whether you prefer sending a quick text message, connecting through Facebook messenger, or sending direct messages on Instagram, I am readily available on all of these platforms.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to ensure that your experience with me is seamless and enjoyable. Let's connect and get to know each other better!